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Summer Symposium/Pot Luck Dinner – June 7, 2014 – 6:00PM

Our next summer symposium and “pot luck dinner” is scheduled for Tuesday, July 8th, 6:00 p.m. at 417 E. Tripp Rd. (the old elementary school).  We will eat before we start our project, so bring one of your favorite dish and a big appetite!

Instead of throwing glass wine bottles in the recycle bin, Rachel will be showing us how to use them to make beautiful accent lamps.  (see attached file).

Please RSVP to Rachel Doyle ( if you plan on attending the symposium.  She has to drill a hole in each bottle for the lights and doesn’t want to drill extras if they are not needed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have some summer fun, eat delicious food, and fellowship with good friends.


Submitted by:  Martha Billman, Communications Committee

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Free Online “Grow Your Own Food Summit” – July 7-14

Enthusiastic food growers and community builders, Valerie Kausen and Gary Heine, have created 34 presentations to show you how growing your own food can change your life. This event is truly for everyone… because growing your own food contributes to improved health and connected community. It’s also an activity for the whole family that builds friendships in your neighborhood as you share each other’s skills and interests.

Register for FREE now at the following link:


Don’t let anyone else decide what’s in the food you eat! Change your life. Gain access to the information you need RIGHT NOW to optimize your health, connect with nature and those you love. It’s that simple.

  • Learn how to grow and eat healthy, local food.
  • Change your health and life, and that of your family, friends and neighbors.
  • Feel satisfied that you can depend on yourself.
  • Trust your own ingredients.

Learn how growing your own food helps make your local community There are serious issues to address related to our health, our community and our planet. The answers begin in your backyard–growing your own food reduces toxicity, transportation and pollution, and gives you a trusted, sustainable source of nutrition and increased happiness.

 Here are a few of the incredible presenters:

  • The Good Food Revolution is Here… Take Action!, by Will Allen, Founder, Growing Power; Winner, McArthur Genius Grant; Farmer; Author, Speaker
  • Why Our Current Food System “Just Ain’t Normal” and How to Change It, by Joel Salatin, Sustainable, Maverick Farmer; Lecturer; Author
  • How Mushrooms Created, and Can Save, the Living World!, by Paul Stamets, World-renowned Mushroom Researcher; Inventor; Entrepreneur
  • Saving Seeds, Growing Food and Ending GMOs Can Save the World, by Vandana Shiva, World-renowned Indian Activist

With over 34 total presenters sharing their wealth of knowledge, this invaluable (and FREE) resource is intended for you, whether you live in a city or on a farm!

Better yet, if you register today, you’ll have access to the following FREE GIFTS as soon as you register!

  • Food Growing 101, eBook by Gary Heine and Valerie Kausen
  • Saving seeds, growing food and stopping GMOs can save the world, 17-minute presentation by Vandana Shiva
  • How to create a simple home composter to supercharge your garden soil, 57-minute presentation by Mark Forman

Come listen to the Grow Your Own Food Summit ONLINE for FREE and be inspired from July 7-14, 2014.


Submitted by:  Martha Billman – Communications Committee


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New Project!

Can you sew?   Do you have new items bought for an occasion that you no longer need (baby items, books, personal items)? If you are interested in donating or working with garden club members on items for the hospital, please call Madalyn Hernandez at  972 226-2467 and leave a message.

Become involved in YOUR world.   Take a plant to a friend TODAY!


Submitted by Martha Billman, Communications Committee

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Welcome to Sunnyvale Baskets

welcome1The Sunnyvale Garden Club is starting a new community project. We will be providing “Welcome to Sunnyvale” baskets to new residents.  It’s our way of letting them know that they have made the right decision in selecting Sunnyvale as their home!

Any item (s) you can donate to fill the baskets will be very much appreciated. We need baskets, tissue paper, products, items, business cards, plants, ANYTHING!  Invite your friends, neighbors, and relatives to donate. Your name and/or company can be indicated upon your request.

You can drop off your items at 225 East Fork Road or arrange to have them picked up at your location.  You can also bring your donations to the next summer symposium on June 10th.

For questions or to arrange for pickup, please contact:

Jean Holt                      214 577 7438

Madalyn Hernandez   972 226 2467 (leave a message)


Submitted by:  Martha Billman, Communications Committee

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Upcoming Covington Nursery & Landscape Activities

Covington’s Nursery & Landscape Company, located just a short drive east in Rowlett,  is offering a variety of cool summer programs and classes for adults and children.    If you are a Neil Sperry fan, you can drop by Covington’s  on Thursday, June 5th, for his book signing.  Need something for the kids to do when school is out?   Covington offers classes for ages 5 to 10 and are just $5.00 per class.  Angela Henderson  has already signed up two of her children for all four classes.

For more information about Covington’s summer 2014 classes and events,   please see their website:


Submitted by:  Martha Billman – Communications Committee

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New 2014/2015 Sunnyvale Garden Club Officers

New Sunnyvale Garden Club Officers

Executive Officers:

Back row L to R: Jean Holt (3rd VP of Awards & Parliamentarian), Georgeann Moss (President), Marilyn Fitzner (2nd VP of Yearbook) – not shown Janet Nevil (1st VP of Programs).

Front row L to R:  Rachel Doyle (Historian) , Angela Henderson (Reporter), Silvia Carter Treasurer,  Joyce Taylor (Seccretary)

Standing Committees:

Beautification – Sallyann Nevins

Communications – Martha Billman

Education/Youth – Nancy Griffin

Hospitality – Denise Rogers and Joyce Taylor – includes new “Welcome to Sunnyvale” subcommittee

Philanthropic – Ginny Hale

Plant Exchange – Joyce Taylor

Membership – Sallyann Nevins

Newsletter – Janet Nevil

Summer Symposiums – Rachel Doyle

Website – Georgeann Moss


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